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Carmichael Roberts (T '90, PhD '95)
Founding Partner/Co-Managing Director at Material Impact
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Wes Edens
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In Conversation with:
Sidney McLaurin (MEM/MBA '17)
General Partner at Material Impact
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In Conversation with:
Husein Cumber (T '97)
Chief Strategy Officer,
Florida East Coast Industries, LLC
Amy Harder 
Energy and Climate Change Reporter, Axios
Duke Talks: 10:20 AM

Duke Talks

Where Do We Go Next - A Discussion of the Next 5 Years in Energy Tech

Join us for a sit-down with energy and CleanTech investors as we discuss technologies related to the energy sector and carbon financing across different investment profiles, ranging for seed/venture stage technologies to more mature opportunities across the industry


Coming Soon!

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Coming Soon!

Alex Harbour
Estevan Taguchi


Coming Soon!

Jacqueline Westley (MBA '15)
Manager, Forestry Investments, NatureVest
Panel Discussion: 1:35 PM

Energy Enabling Development - A Look at Energy's Role in 

Sustainable Development 

Join us for an interactive discussion on how the energy industry is enabling sustainable development, both in the United States and abroad. Hear from industry experts, social entrepreneurs, and nonprofits on how they harness the power of energy to facilitate sustainable development in communities across the globe. This talk is ideal for someone interested in energy access, emerging markets, social entrepreneurship, and community development.

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Jasandra Nyker 2019.jpg
Rotimi Thomas.jpg
Erica Mackie
Jasandra Nyker
Managing Director, International Power Fund at Denham Capital
Rotimi Thomas (MEM/MBA '13)
Managing Partner & Co-Founder, Aspire Power Solutions
Benjamin Attia 
Senior Research Analyst, 
Wood Mackenzie

Energy in a Year of Disruption - A Look at 2020 and Beyond 

Join us as we reflect upon a year of upheaval in the global energy markets and look ahead to the future of the energy landscape. From negative oil prices to COVID-19, we'll be discussing the large-scale shocks, impacts, and permanent changes to the energy market. Industry leaders from utilities, renewable energy companies, policy, clean-tech, and energy finance will give their perspectives and discuss the way forward. This talk is ideal for those interested in energy markets, renewable energy development, and energy policy.

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tom rolands-rees.jpeg
Lauren Campbell (MEM '11)
Tom Rowlands-Rees, Ph.D. 
Supervisory Energy Industry Analyst, FERC
Head of Analysis for North America, Bloomberg New Energy Finance
S Salati Headshot.jpg
Sarah Salati
Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, New York Power Authority
Eric Toone, Ph.D. 
Executive Managing Director, Breakthrough Energy Ventures
Sandy Hull (MBA '17)
Director of the Asset Valuation Group, Energy and Environmental Economics (E3)
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