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Natalie Murdock
Democrat | NC Senate, District 20

Senator Murdock did not respond to attempts to contact her regarding the questionnaire.  


The following information is publicly available on her website:

Everyone has the right to clean air and water. We need legislators that know climate change is real and are willing to do something about it. Funding for our water infrastructure across the state is inadequate.  Natalie Murdock’s NC senate platform will work to increase state funding for programs that preserve and conserve our water. Let’s partner with local schools to provide educational and training programs to get students excited about the environment and STEM. 

North Carolina is ranked 22nd in the nation for air quality. According to the Department of Environmental Quality, the source of North Carolina’s air pollution is ground level ozone, or smog, as well as particle pollution from coal-burning power plants and car emissions. North Carolina leads the nation as the second highest producer of solar energy, but ranks 30th for wind energy production. 

North Carolina’s water quality suffers from lack of regulations and aging infrastructure. A recent report gave North Carolina an “F” grade for keeping lead out of school drinking water, with no policies in place to reduce risks of lead in drinking water. When testing lead concentrations in a Charlotte-Mecklenburg school district, the study found that 41 out of 89 schools in the district had taps with unsafe levels of lead concentrations. 

As Durham’s Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor, Natalie Murdock spent every day protecting our environment. In this role, Natalie worked to ensure high quality drinking water, food production, and open spaces were available to the community. Her experience in local government and city transit make her well equipped to take on the environmental problems facing North Carolina today. 

​We all have a right to clean air and water. We need legislators that know climate change is real and are willing to do something about it. Natalie Murdock’s NC state senate platform supports the New Green Deal, embracing innovative solutions to protect Durham and Chatham counties. Studies show that even a fraction of offshore wind energy resources could help meet North Carolina’s energy needs by 20%. A 2019 Emissions Gap Report from the United Nations, states that mass transportation is necessary to curb emissions and reduce the impacts of climate change. Natalie Murdock’s NC senate platform is focused on implementing evidence-based solutions to address our gaps in air and water quality. She will increase state investment in renewable energy and programs that preserve and conserve our water. 


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