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Larry Yarborough
Republican | NC House of Representatives District 2

What do you consider to be the most pressing energy-related issue(s) today?  

The biggest issue that we face is the high cost of energy and inflation in general. The idea that we can transition to “green” energy by cutting off access to fossil fuels has resulted in a lot of the inflation. The other cause of inflation is the massive printing of money by the government. The “Inflation Reduction Act” included billions of newly printed money for “green energy” and new IRS agents. Just as the Federal Reserve is increasing interest rates to slow inflation, the President announces billions more dollars created to pay off student loans. At the state level, we can work to protect access to less expensive energy and help our farmers produce less expensive food.  


How do you propose addressing the above issue(s)? What policies would you advance or support to achieve these solutions (NC Clean Transportation Plan, Carbon Tax/Trading, etc.)?  

We must do all we can to slow down the rush to cut off access to fossil fuels in the haste to transition to “green energy”. There is going to be a transition to green energy but we must not make energy a luxury item that only the rich can afford. Unfortunately, that is what is happening. China and India are growing economies and they are going to provide cheap energy to the majority of the people of the world. Middle class Americans shouldn’t have to suffer for them.  


If elected, how will your work help position North Carolina to both address energy and climate issues and improve our energy systems?  

I will let the free market address these issues. The free market is the best solution to developing the technologies that we need to solve these problems. When the government stifles the market, like it is doing now, technology slows down. Please answer the below questions as you feel comfortable, or as they pertain to the scope of your position and duties if elected to serve: 


What actions or policy measures can help NC adapt to extreme weather events?

We do need to develop better plans for flooding.  Similar to the Netherlands, we need to decide which areas can be flooded and which to protect. We are working to clean debris from rivers and streams. This has been ignored for decades and has contributed to flooding events.  


How should the United States develop national energy independence? What role does North Carolina play in securing an energy independent future?  

The free market should be allowed to determine the technologies. The US has enough energy if the government will allow it to be used. North Carolina is a leader in technology development, if the government will allow it.  


How can NC take measures to support communities which depend on the fossil fuel industry throughout the energy transition?  

By fighting against the government mandated rush to transition too quickly. If the transition is allowed to develop as the technology is developed, it will be fine. Forcing the transition before there are alternatives is hurting all Americans of modest means. 


What role does offshore wind generation have in NC’s energy future?  

Probably a significant role. The free market should determine the role, not a government mandate that produces artificially high costs. 


Does NC have an obligation to provide aid to communities adversely affected by the fossil fuel industry? If so, how?  

If the rush to transition from fossil fuels continues, then all communities will be harmed. 


How should regulations for utility companies consider energy efficiency, weatherization, and/or renewable procurement programs for underrepresented population? Unrepresented populations include those such as seniors, veterans, and lower income individuals.  

If the rush to transition from fossil fuels continues, these communities will be especially harmed. 

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