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Energy Solution Room

Monday, November 8, 2021
5:00 PM – 6:30 PM EST

Intrigued by case competitions but want to start with something more bite-sized? Enjoy networking and problem-solving opportunities? Want to connect with energy experts and talk solutions?

Current Duke undergraduates, join us for the inaugural Energy Solution Room! Students from all Duke degree programs are welcome. The Solution Room event aims to engage students across all disciplines to work together to transform a fictional electricity grid’s emissions using a variety of strategies, which may include, but are not limited to technology, policy, or business implementations. Students will be divided up into separate groups to brainstorm potential solutions before outlining their group’s response. Several prominent experts across the energy space will be in attendance to provide guidance to groups and share their expertise. Due to the team-based structure, this event is an excellent opportunity for networking among undergraduate and graduate students. Students will also be able to connect with the experts and learn from them. Once each group finalizes their solution, the experts will judge each group’s presentation and select a winner. We hope this event appeals to all students and facilitates networking and real world problem-solving in a more informal setting than a traditional case competition.

Students should sign up individually and expect to be divided into interdisciplinary teams at the Energy Solution Room. There, teams will have about an hour to discuss, design and prepare a presentation for their solution to the energy challenge. Our visiting energy expert judges will then select a winner!

All participants will be expected to abide by Duke's current COVID policies on masking and social distancing.

2021 Energy Solution Room

Kate Konschnik, JD

Director, Climate & Energy

Duke Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions

Kate Konschnik directs the Climate & Energy Program at the Duke Nicholas Institute and is a Senior Lecturing Fellow at Duke Law School. Kate is a climate change expert; her work focuses on policies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the electricity sector policy and the oil and natural gas industry. Kate spent three months researching methane abatement policies at the IEA in Paris in 2019-2020, and serves on EPA’s Clean Air Act Advisory Committee.

Kate joined Duke from Harvard Law School, where she founded and directed the Harvard Environmental Policy Initiative and taught Oil and Gas Law. Previously, Konschnik served as Chief Environmental Counsel to U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse. Kate began her legal career as an Environmental Enforcement Trial Attorney at the Department of Justice.

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