More than 40 students from across Duke have come together over the course of the year to make Energy Week at Duke possible. Our team consists of undergraduates, graduates, and staff from nearly every school on campus and a slew of different degree programs. Check out the event leads below, as well as our advisors, who we thank for their continued guidance.

Energy Week Co-Chairs


Grace Fernandez

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Grace is a 2nd-year MEM/MBA candidate interested in innovation and strategy within the clean energy sector. Prior to coming to Duke, she spent five years working in various finance roles at PepsiCo and Bath & Body Works.


Will Slap

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Will is a 3rd-year MEM/MBA candidate interested in grid resiliency and renewables development. Before returning to school, he worked in television development and production in Los Angeles.

Jon Doe

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James Doe

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Marketing Team Co-Chairs


Yash Doshi

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Yash is a 2nd-year MEM candidate in the Energy and Environment concentration, who joined Duke right after undergrad. He loves numbers and data, and is interested in helping companies achieve their sustainability targets by creating models for informed decision making.


Andrea Dunchus

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Andrea is a 3rd-year MEM/MBA candidate in the Environmental Policy and Economics concentration who is interested in offshore wind and its interactions with coastline management systems. Prior to Duke, she taught high school students History and coached crew at a boarding school. 

Energy Conference Co-Chairs


Nick Valby

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Nick is a 2nd-year MEM/MBA candidate interested in energy storage and smart grid technologies. Before coming to Duke, he worked in business development and operations at a mortgage bank.

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Brandon von Kannewurff

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Brandon is a 1st year MBA candidate interested in deep decarbonization. Before coming to Duke, he worked on solar, energy storage, and electric transit projects in corporate finance at Dominion Energy.

Case Competition Co-Chairs

Mingyi Chen.jpeg

Mingyi Chen

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Mingyi is a 2nd-year MEM candidate interested in ESG investing. Before coming to Duke, she focused on research around renewable energy technologies in urban commercial buildings.

Sonia Nelson.jpeg

Sonia Nelson

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Sonia is a 3rd-year MEM/MBA candidate interested in a career focused on building sustainable business models, managing ESG risks as well as crafting climate mitigation and adaptation strategies for private sector organizations. She is also an EDF Climate Corps Fellow who helped Bank of America with projects around Financed Emissions and Climate Alignment. Before graduate school, she worked as a financial risk consultant with KPMG.

Stefan Chen.jpeg

Stefan Chen

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Stefan Chen is a 2nd-year MEM candidate concentrating in Energy and the Environment. His interested lies in energy storage optimization and demand-side management. During his time at Duke, he worked on net load forecasting research and interned for a DC-based data analytics start-up.

Energy Innovation Showcase Co-Chairs

Jeff Fromuth.jpeg

Jeffery Fromuth

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Jeff is a 2nd-year MEM candidate who is pursuing work with Green Banks (statewide financial institutions that help achieve renewable energy goals) and solar project development. Prior to entering Duke Nicholas School, he was a researcher of smart grids and demand response technology at the Smart Electric Power Alliance and an English teacher in Spain.


Trey Signorelli III

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Trey is a former educator and school leader pursuing renewable energy development. He hopes to help build a just clean energy transition that empowers rural communities and individuals.

Energy Justice Panel Co-Chairs

Natalie Valent.jpeg

Natalie Valent

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Natalie Valent is a 2nd-year MPP candidate interested in global energy access and development, energy efficiency, climate finance, and women’s empowerment. Before coming to Duke, Natalie worked on energy efficiency programs for a consulting firm working with large commercial and industrial customers throughout the United States.

Abigail Sherman.png

Abigail Sherman

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Abigail Sherman is pursuing a Master’s of Public Policy with a concentration in Environment & Energy Policy. Before coming to Duke, Abigail received her undergraduate degree in Environmental Science & Policy. Abigail hopes to eventually be an elected member of public office.

Spark Career Event Co-Chairs

Sagar Shah.png

Sagar Shah

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Sagar is a senior majoring in public policy with an interest in utility business model innovation and the role of the public sector in advancing clean energy development. His previous experiences include renewable energy advocacy with NCSEA, battery storage development with NextEra Energy, and energy finance assistance with the U.S. Department of Energy.


Allison Bettencourt

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Allison is a 2nd-year Energy and Environment, MEM candidate interested in energy and transportation electrification policy. Before coming to Duke, Allison worked on image editing for maps and also taught English abroad.

Use Michael Wood_Duke Headshot_edited.jpg

Michael Wood

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Michael is a junior studying Mechanical Engineering along with Energy and Entrepreneurship. He has experience in business and engineering roles at energy startups and is currently working on a podcast to connect students to resources and opportunities in the energy transition.

Ally Manjee Head Shot (1).jpeg

Ally Manjee

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Ally is a sophomore studying Environmental Economics and Policy. He is interested in environmental entrepreneurship, clean-tech investing, and sustainable development. At Duke he is part of the undergraduate Energy Club and does research with the Sanford School of Public Policy.

Energy Solution Room Co-Chairs


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