GRID Alternatives Fundraiser

Our Goal: $5k for the 5th year of Duke Energy Week!

Current $1526
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What is GRID Alternatives? Grid is a nonprofit that uses a unique people-first model to develop solar projects that serve qualifying households and affordable housing providers, while providing hands-on job training.

GRID has installed solar for more than 16,666 families to-date and helped households and housing providers save over $413 million in lifetime electricity costs, while training over 32,353 people. For more information, visit

Why GRID Alternatives? GRID'S mission is to make renewable energy and job training accessible to underserved communities. Given the upheaval in 2020 thus far, we wanted to support an organization that uplifts communities and makes them more resilient. GRID has served families throughout California, Colorado, the Mid-Atlantic region, and tribal communities nationwide by providing renewable energy through programs like their Energy For All Program, which offers single-family, multifamily and community solar installation services. GRID also offers multiple levels of workforce development and service-learning opportunities, from volunteerism to in-depth solar training and paid internships. 


Duke University students have participated in GRID's volunteer opportunities for years through the Duke University Energy Initiative's Solar Spring Break program, where students install solar panels with GRID Alternatives for a family or community in need. Many students cite this as a pivotal moment in their energy journey and we are happy to continue supporting GRID Alternatives through our fundraising campaign. Please consider donating and helping us reach our $5,000 goal!

What does GRID Alternatives do?

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