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Remo Guide

​We highly recommend that you use Google Chrome as your internet browser for all Remo events. Safari and other browsers sometimes cause issues with Remo.​

Get familiar with Remo:

  • Watch a Remo tutorial:

Before attending a Remo event:

  • Create an account with Remo.

  • Update your profile by changing your name, adding an appropriate profile picture, adding your company/ school/ organization, and connecting your LinkedIn account

During an event:

  1. View the diagram and legend on the next page to get familiar with a floorplan that will be similar to the one used during Energy Week.

  2. You can zoom in and out by changing the view settings in your web browser. You can also move around the screen by clicking and dragging your mouse anywhere on the screen.

  3. The host of the event might enter into “Presenter” mode during the event where his/her video will fill your screen. Alternatively, the host might make an announcement which will appear as a textbox on your screen. Keep an eye out for the textboxes as they serve to guide you through the events smoothly.

  4. Your event might have a timer running along the top of the page. This is to encourage attendees to rotate through the tables (refer to 5*) so that all attendees get a chance to meet with the companies, presenters, and other participants.

  5. Remember to turn on your camera and microphone (refer to 2*) to interact with participants on your table.



  1. Update your profile by changing your name, adding a picture, adding your company/school/organization, and connecting your LinkedIn account

  2. Turn on your camera and microphone

  3. View the event agenda

  4. Watch a Remo tutorial video if you are unfamiliar with the platform

  5. Join a table conversation by double clicking on a table that is not at full capacity. Tables have been named for the company/presenter that is hosting that table. Additional tables have been added for networking and waiting to join a company table that is currently full.

  6. You can share your screen with the people at your table

  7. Switch floors to find more companies and presenters

  8. Find out more about the Energy Week 2020 sponsors by clicking on their logos

  9. Start a chat conversation with all attendees (general chat), just the people at your table, or with another event attendee. In the general chat you can ask technical questions to the host.

  10. Do you have further questions about the Remo platform? Click here to get your answers from Remo articles or a customer support representative.

Zoom Guide

Before attending a Zoom Webinar:

  • Registration approval: all registrants to the Webinar will automatically receive an email with directions on how to join the webinar.

zoom pic1.png
  • Get familiar with different roles:

    • Panelists: full participants - can view, send videos, share screen

    • Attendees: view-only participants – can be unmuted if the host chooses

    • Hosts: schedule, start, end webinars – control co-hosts, panelists and attendee

    • Co-hosts: same role as host but can cannot start a webinar

  • Walk through Zoom Webinar video

During an Event:

  • Attendees:

    • ​If you would like to speak you can raise your hand

    • Raising your hand in a webinar:  Click this icon and it will turn blue

    • The host will be notified and can unmute you to speak

  • Polling for Webinars:

    • ​The host can launch a poll for attendees and panelists to respond. You can click your preferred answer and see poll results.


Using Q&A

    • ​Zoom enables you all to ask questions. Clicking on the “Q&A” function on the bottom toolbar.

    • If you see a question you like, use the thumbs up icon to upvote that question. If not, you can type in your question.

  • At the end of the Webinar: to leave the webinar, click the bottom right corner of the screen.

Questions about Remo for the Energy Week Tech Team? Contact us here:

For general questions, email us or message us in the Remo event chat. 

Stefan Chen ( 

Yash Doshi ( 

Grace Fernandez (

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