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Valerie Foushee
Democrat | U.S. House of Representatives

What do you consider to be the most pressing energy-related issue(s) today? 

I believe the most pressing energy related issue is moving our reliance on fossil fuels 

to renewable energy. We must also reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and move 

towards green transit. 

How do you propose addressing the above issue(s)? What policies would you advance or support to achieve these solutions (NC Clean Transportation Plan, Carbon Tax/Trading, etc.)? 

I have introduced legislation in the North Carolina General Assembly that would achieve 

100% clean energy by 2050. We must support the NC Clean transportation plan, advance clean energy tax credits, and promote energy efficiency. In Congress, I’ll always prioritize clean, renewable energy policy solutions. 

If elected, how will your work help position North Carolina to both address energy and climate issues and improve our energy systems? 

I believe that legislation that addresses energy and climate issues are of the most 

importance. We are already seeing the devastating impacts of climate change in North 

Carolina. We must prioritize renewable energy sources, increase investments into green 

transit. Passing the Green New Deal into law will be one of my top priorities in Congress. 

Please answer the below questions as you feel comfortable, or as they pertain to the scope of your position and duties if elected to serve.

What actions or policy measures can help NC adapt to extreme weather 


We are no stranger to the devastating impacts extreme weather events have here in North Carolina. We know that greenhouse emissions have impacted climate change and the increase of extreme weather events. I support policies that will reduce our greenhouse emissions in North Carolina. We must develop plans that support communities that are most impacted by extreme weather events. We must enhance the ability to protect human life and health, property, and natural and built infrastructure. 

How should the United States develop national energy independence? What 

role does North Carolina play in securing an energy independent future? 

We must expand our national energy independence by expanding our ability to meet 

energy needs with homegrown biofuels. 

How can NC take measures to support communities which depend on the 

fossil fuel industry throughout the energy transition? 

NC can provide financial support to communities which depend on the fossil fuel 

industry. We can also provide training and support for communities to transition to 

jobs within the renewable energy industry. 

What role does offshore wind generation have in NC’s energy future?  

Offshore wind generation is a huge part of NC’s energy future. It’s an investment in 

clean energy that could provide jobs to our economy while providing a more 

environmentally conscious form of energy. 

Does NC have an obligation to provide aid to communities adversely affected by the fossil fuel industry? If so, how? 

Yes, I believe that we must provide aid to communities adversely affected by the fossil fuel industry. We can use funds to restore land impacted by extraction and mining, providing technical assistance for economic development in fossil fuel workers, and support for displaced fossil fuel workers. 

How should regulations for utility companies consider energy efficiency, weatherization, and/or renewable procurement programs for underrepresented population? Unrepresented populations include those such as seniors, veterans, and lower income individuals. 

The Weatherization Assistance Program is incredibly important to reduce energy 

costs for underrepresented populations. It increases the energy efficiency of their 

homes while ensuring health and safety. We must hold utility companies 

accountable and ensure that they are good partners in achieving these ends.

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