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Duke University On-Campus Geothermal Site 
Friday, November 3rd, 1:30-3:00 pm

Featuring an on-campus trip to Duke University’s very own geothermal drill site. Hear from a geothermal expert and do an activity at the drill site to see geothermal energy in action. Open only to Duke Students. 

About the Event

Get an early start to Energy Week at Duke 2023!

Join this on-campus trip to Duke University's geothermal site. The site visit will meet at Chiller Plant #3 at 1:30 p.m. and will include an overview of how geothermal energy works, an update on the project's status, and a tour and activity at the drill site. Professor Emeritus Peter Malin of the Nicholas School of the Environment will lead the site visit. Professor Malin is leading a research effort to explore the viability of building heating and cooling for Duke University and Durham harnessing the geological conditions present from the Durham fault line.

This event is in-person only and reserved for Duke University students. 

There's no better way to prepare for Energy Week 2023! Spots are limited, so sign up soon! 

This event is part of the eighth annual Energy Week at Duke (Nov. 6-10), organized by dozens of students from degree programs across Duke.

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